Last update: July 22nd, 2005

Annnd there we go, 2 pages! Enjoy ^_^

Here we have yet another online comic, made for no reason other than to amuse myself. This comic is based a little bit on D&D but considering I've only played it the once, don't expect that to mean anything! I don't know what world it's in and I don't know the rules and I still can't add up an attack roll! I don't have a handbook! It's called "Poultry Arisen!" but that's not really what it's about! There are just really cool chickens in it! Of course, my character gets to do the cool stuff because I'm making the comic HA HA HA POWER YES I AM NOW GOD BOOYA BABY!

...Wha? o_o
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Go visit my other comic, Undertow! It's almost as retarded as this one but it's prettier!

My roommate's comic, Gryphon Masters!! It's got hot men and is going to be one of the BEST COMICS EVER. And not just 'cause Keahi is gonna have a cameo. Which isn't involving the hot men. Unfortunately.
Here is one for this site! BOK BOK!

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